41 Pianos – Toronto Pan Am Games Sneak Preview – July 24 – 7PM

“41 Pianos” Feature Documentary, starring Toronto Piano Virtuoso David Johanns

eMotionFilmsLtd Feature Documentary “41 PIANOS” gets a  Sneak Preview at on Friday July 24 at 7PM at the Carlton Magic Lantern Cinema.

Please join the director and Piano virtuoso David Johanns, the star of 41 Pianos for this fun event.

If you were one of the thousands of people that played one of these pianos celebrating the upcoming Toronto Pan Am Games, then you’ll love this documentary featuring many local and international visitors with piano playing experience from 1 week to 50 years.

  • Tickets $20
    (Includes a Reception with a Special Surprise before the Screening)
Please Support Independent Film – See You There!

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“41 Pianos” – Pan Am Games Documentary – Funding Promo

“41 Pianos” Feature Documentary – Completion Funding Promo

“Play Me, I’m Yours Piano” is an international piano Installation by Luke Jerram which has traveled all around the world.

In the Summer of 2012, 41 Pianos, representing 41 Pan American Countries, were designed by 41 artists and installed in 41 locations around the Greater Toronto, Canada Area.

In 2012, we had an opportunity to shoot a documentary based on this installation throughout the City of Toronto, Canada. Our film crew with a local well known composer, piano player challenged themselves to play AND film all of the 41 Pianos. Day or Night. Rain or Shine.

Sometimes an arduous task. Many of the pianos were damaged, removed, or missing keys. But, in the end, our film team completed the challenge with entertaining results. Now we need your help. We need ‘Completion Funding’ and funding to create Awareness and Marketing for our Film which will hopefully see it’s Premiere the week before or during the 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Games July 10-26.

If you’d like to donate and get your name in the Credits, Please email us for more info!

$1000 Feature Film Challenge – Toronto Top 5 Finalists Premiere At The Royal Cinema

by Shannonn Kelly
10:03PM, EST, October 10, 2012

On May 14th of this year I read something interesting on Toronto’s ‘Mistress of Indie‘ filmmaker Ingrid Veninger’s Facebook Page. It said (in part):

” alright, so i am thinking something and i wonder if it will catch fire. you know about THE ROYAL release of ‘i am a good person/i am a bad person’ STARTING JUNE 14th with special screenings of ONLY and MODRA. well, i was thinking that i would put all revenue towards a $1000 FEATURE FILMMAKING CHALLENGE. ** ALL HYPOTHETICAL ** JUST getting feelers. WOULD THERE BE INTEREST IN THIS? The key: No film could cost more than $1,000.”

On May 22, the idea took flight with Ingrid Veninger (pUNK Films Inc.) and Stacey Donen (The Royal/Theatre D) gathering interest via word-of-mouth and social media to see if the idea had legs. It spread like wild-fire. Continue reading “$1000 Feature Film Challenge – Toronto Top 5 Finalists Premiere At The Royal Cinema”

Toronto FRINGE Review :: Then He Wakes Up

by Shannonn Kelly
9:27PM EST. July 11, 2012
An unexpected companion piece to Transit Diaries “Then He Wakes Up” is an efficient, complex discourse of discontent while waiting for the Number #22 Bus…

The bench for Bus #22 that never comes in “Then He Wakes Up”


Henry wakes. Henry waits. Henry works. This is the way that Henry likes it. But Felix has had this dream before: Henry sits, Felix stands, and the bus doesn’t come. Then he wakes up. Today Felix needs something to change. Today Felix needs a friend. Because otherwise Henry’s going to kill Felix. And this time Felix won’t wake up.

Dissatisfied with his life, “Henry” (deftly played by co-producer/ actor Jordan Mechano 2011’s “Boys in the Band”) races to the catch the #22 bus to get to work before his boss notices he’s messed up some numbers in his soul-sucking job that puts food on the table, that sometimes is inhabited by in-laws be barely tolerates and a wife he probably settled for.

We’ve all been there. The day from hell that gets more hellish as the hours wane on. Every time we try to make sense of it, the day mocks us, spitting back our shitty life back in our faces. We wipe away the crap as best we can and trudge on.

Continue reading “Toronto FRINGE Review :: Then He Wakes Up”

FRINGE Toronto Review : : My Drunk Play

by Shannonn Kelly
10:48PM EST. July 07, 2012

When I arrived at the Tarragon Theatre Mainspace, there was no signage for “My Drunk Play” so I thought I was in the wrong place. Then, around the corner on a tiny sandwich board was the playbill and a child’s mess of clutter serving as “advertising” for the play. The playbill contained No dates, No times. No location. Accident? Or, just really drunk proofreading…

Steve Shand Hung-over Body Greets You as You Enter “My Drunk Play”

I thought, “part of the overall design”? Every thing’s messy as though it was put together by a group of inebriated people”. Accident? or Clever.

Finally ushered in and the tone and stage is set as we are greeted by the near lifeless hung-over body of actor Steve Shand. Clever.

All that cleverness ends there. Not entirely, but almost abruptly. Fairly new playwright Jane Van Rooyen who studied Drama at the University of Ottawa wrote “My Drunk Play”.

In her ‘Director’s Note

I started writing this play the best way one can write about drunken stories – drinking tall cans mid afternoon in the park. We all have those nights. One drink too many, and you don’t know how you got home, where your cellphone is, or who’s lying asleep next to you. There’s always a story, fuzzy & jaded from the night before and you try desperately to remember what you did. Continue reading “FRINGE Toronto Review : : My Drunk Play”

Review :: The Nun’s Vacation or The True Meaning of Passover

by Shannonn Kelly
01:15AM, EST, April 6, 2012

Chalmers Award winner Tom Walmsley writes with a sly, complex hand, peppering his plays with infusions of his former life as a drug addict, theology student, transplant survivor and a guy who’s not afraid to look at dudes.

Nun's Vacation Doghouse Riley Productions
Sandy Duarte, Glen Matthews, Stephen Chambers in The Nun’s Vacation

His latest Toronto play, “The Nun’s Vacation” stars 2011 Dora award recipient Sandy Duarte as “Sister Shannon”, Dora Nominee Stephen Chambers (“Casino Jack“) as “Pierce” and Glen Matthews (“The Corridor”) as “Brody”.

The threesome weave a complex story together as Brody explicitly lusts after his psychiatric patient Pierce at almost the same time Shannon the Nun arrives on Brody’s doorstep, saying she’s been in love with him since he took her virginity when she was 17.

The Nun’s Vacation” is classic Pierre Corneille where, like Corneille, Walmsley draws upon a personal love experience where A loves B but, B lusts after C, so let’s see what happens when we put them all in a room together. This frustrating equation produces a fiery sum of the parts.

Shannon needs love and is tired of being a closet lesbian so she chooses Brody. Brody cares less about love and more about cock and yearns for Pierce. Pierce just wants a liver. But if he has to take a lover to get a liver, then he’ll acquiesce to Brody’s advances. He’s not choosy.

However, Pierce surmises he might find more substance and meaning when he finds himself alone with the fetching vacationing nun upon his earlier than expected arrival at Brody’s home office.

Pierce asks Brody, “Why do you have a Nun in your house?” And then quickly explains to Shannon, “I’m not an Agnostic, I’m an Atheist. I was just trying to be polite”.

The quips fly back and forth like sexually charged boomerangs between each cast member who toss them back laced with singeing viewpoints on religion’s place in sex, socially binding customs and judgement to a higher being.

This word play ramps up the tension to the ultimate question: Who of these three are going to have sex or will Shannon, Pierce or Brody pass over one for the other?

As the play progressed, I was aware of the tension and sometimes felt I could reach out and touch it.

There were two scenes I didn’t expect. I laughed out loud at the opening scene of Brody counselling Pierce during a “hands-free” telephone call.

Another scene in particular may be disturbing to some. However, even though they offered intimate face-time for each actor to further connect with the audience, I didn’t much care for the break-away monologues.

This is the 4th play for “Doghouse Riley Productions” run by Stephen Chambers and his 3rd Walmsley play with Sandy Duarte.

At last count, losing 11 pounds in his role as Pierce, Chambers chewed through his lines with veracity and character, thrusting comfortably (no pun intended..well maybe a little) with cast mate Duarte as she brought a quirky, perky sexiness to the somewhat complex role of a modern day nun.

After calling Duarte’s Dora win last year in my review of “Blood”, I’m going to see if I can hit the daily double and predict a win or in the least, a nomination for Glen Matthews in his role as Brody who was at times scary with his Machiavellian duplicity and questionable ethics. (His grown-for-the-part beard should also get a nod as it changed his face dramatically since I last saw him in the indie film “The Corridor” *winky face*)

Walmsley’s writing wasn’t elegant but it was often witty, “Most people choke themselves on an excess of gluttony” (and) “I think more about death than I think about sex, because it lasts longer”.

There was also a joke about boxer Joe Frazier which seemed to come out of left field, but that may be another hint to Walmsley’s past. (we’ll have to read his Wikipedia page to see if there’s anything about him in the ring)

What “The Nun’s Vacation” more than hinted at was what actress Sandy Duarte put simply and earnestly after tonight’s play,

“The majority of people are tortured by whatever they believe. People are fucked up because they just want to live and love and not everybody will let them love who they want.”

Forget about searching for colored eggs and chocolate bunnies this Easter weekend, hunt for the true meaning of love in “The Nun’s Vacation”.

There are 5 more performances of “The Nun’s Vacation” directed by Jack Grinhaus until Sunday April 8, 2012 at the Toronto Free Gallery.

Tickets are online at Secure a Seat

An Afternoon On Coronation Street With Three Men and a Little Lady

by Shannonn Kelly
06:23AM, EST, Sunday March 11, 2012

Yesterday, I spent an afternoon on Coronation Street with Three Men and a Little Lady. More specifically, Coronation Street former cast mates Steven Arnold, Julie Haworth, Nicholas Cochrane and Charles Lawson who hit Toronto yesterday on the first stop of their 18-city tour “Tales From The Street”. They played Ashley Peacock, Claire Peacock, Andy McDonald and Jim McDonald respectively on the popular UK series.

The “Peacocks” – Steven Arnold and Julie Haworth

The event was set up with a VIP Meet and Greet at 12:15PM, where the “Peacocks” sat and signed autographs at one table, the “McDonald” team, sitting at another table. The meet and greet was followed by a casual ‘chat’ session at 2PM, moderated by Nicholas who followed with a Q&A session with many of the audience in love with the sound of their own voice.

At $96 for the VIP ticket,  the last thing you’re interested in hearing is the same men and women you could hear talking about themselves too loudly to anyone who’d listen in a restaurant, subway or other similar event such as a TIFF Q&A. It’s one of the things I hate about Toronto audiences. If you’re one of these people, my statement will offend you. If you’re not one of these people you know exactly what I’m talking about. Continue reading “An Afternoon On Coronation Street With Three Men and a Little Lady”

The Corridor – Review : : Cabin In The Woods Gets Lost In Translation

by Shannonn Kelly
October 26, 2011, 11:43PM, EST

With Halloween just around the corner, I was in the mood to see a Horror / Thriller film tonight. Enter “The Corridor” (if you dare)…

“The Corridor”, an all Canadian low budget horror film directed by Evan Kelly (no relation), written by actor/writer Josh MacDonald starts out as a typical “cabin in the woods” story of long time buddies helping one of their group, Tyler Crawley (played by Stephen Chambers) get back into the fold after suffering through the trauma of a family death, of which the chain of events are unclear to him, his buddies and to the audience.

The Corridor
Stephen Chambers in Indie Horror / Thriller flick “The Corridor”

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ReelHeART International Film Festival – Fun Facts


by Shannonn Kelly
05:54AM, EST, June 02, 2011

Since our inception in 2004, ReelHeART has worked proudly and in a proactive manner to be the web-savvy film festival people love that connects and collaborates with the worldwide Independent film community.

ReelHeART International Film Festival was the first and still the only film festival to introduce our “Virtual Award Ceremony” in 2005.

We wanted  everyone around the world to tune-in online at the same time to see who won. Here’s a sample from 2009. Continue reading “ReelHeART International Film Festival – Fun Facts”