Taking a Break From Blogging

Blogger Break
Blogger Break

Monday September 15, 2014, 05:32AM, EST

Hello Readers:

I just completed a great Toronto International Film Festival and have lots of images and some stories to share. Also, I networked with some awesome people who talked to me about wanting to see my scripts.

Being especially propelled by my excellent placement in this year’s Academy Nicholl’s Fellowship (besting my previous placement by a HUGE percentage), I feel I need to take a break from blogging for awhile and concentrate a little more on my screenwriting.

I might come back to blogging in a couple of weeks or a few months or a year. But until I do, I just want to Thank you for reading my indie blog and letting me write about things big and small and somewhere in between. I have much gratitude to those of you who reached out and commented on my blogs or advanced their reading via Social Media.

I’ll keep in touch on Social Media and you can always find me on FaceBook, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram.

Stay Healthy and Creative…

Thanks kindly,


ReelHeART International Film Festival – Fun Facts


by Shannonn Kelly
05:54AM, EST, June 02, 2011

Since our inception in 2004, ReelHeART has worked proudly and in a proactive manner to be the web-savvy film festival people love that connects and collaborates with the worldwide Independent film community.

ReelHeART International Film Festival was the first and still the only film festival to introduce our “Virtual Award Ceremony” in 2005.

We wanted  everyone around the world to tune-in online at the same time to see who won. Here’s a sample from 2009. Continue reading “ReelHeART International Film Festival – Fun Facts”