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Got Some Screenplay Writing To Do…

by Shannonn Kelly
04:17AM, EST, November 01, 2011

I love waking up early in the morning (between 4-5AM) and sitting down to write. I’m compelled by the quiet inside the house and the street cleaning machines outside on the streets…

Depending on what’s keeping me from sleeping, I know one of 2 things. I’m either going to write a blog post or something on one of the 3-4 screenplays I’ve got revolving between research, 1st act or 3rd act completion.

How To Format Your Screenplay Title Page

A FaceBook friend of mine urged me to take some time off to finish my latest script and I’ve decided to do so.

So even though I have a few blog posts in the draft and publish stage, I’m going to focus on screenplay writing for a couple of these dark months until I get one or two scripts into screenplay competitions.

First up, the highly respected BlueCat Screenplay Competition. Aside from our own writer favorite ReelHeART Screenplay Competition, this is one of the Top 5 for me (I include ReelHeART in the Top 5).

Gordy Hoffman (brother of Philip Seymour Hoffman) writer of the bitterly sad and darkly humorous “Love Liza” that starred his brother Philip who suffers through a meltdown after his wife’s unexpected suicide, runs BlueCat. He started it in 1999 and received 384 entries. Now his competition is up past the 3000 mark in submissions. (At ReelHeART we hope for 1/2 that).

What’s great about this competition is that much like at our own ReelHeART Screenplay Competiton, BlueCat does not charge extra for feedback and coverage.

I disdain the other festivals that do. (I won’t name them here, although I’d love to and give you my feedback on them!) You’re always left feeling that if you didn’t pay extra for the coverage, your script was simply scanned for 2-3 pages and then discarded.

So, the deadline for BlueCat Screenplay Competition is November 16th, which means I will be signing off from blogging until then. If I decide to keep writing on my screenplays you may not hear from me until March. But I’ll try and check back in…

Thanks for your support Blog Readers and Wish Me Luck…

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