Toronto FRINGE Review :: Tinfoil Dinosaur :: Funny and Wonderfully Gratifying

by Shannonn Kelly
11:43PM, EST, July 15, 2012

I want to pat myself on the back tonight for choosing to close out my Fringe Toronto 2012 experience

Sam S. Mullins and his “Tinfoil Dinosaur” – Toronto 2012 Fringe

with “Tinfoil Dinosaur” by Sam S. Mullins. I actually bought my tickets before I knew it was a Patron’s Pick. So I prefer to think of myself as the shepherd and not the one of the sheep.

Tinfoil Dinosaur is one of the sweetest, organically funny plays I’ve ever seen. It’s just a guy – a piece of tinfoil – and you, the audience.

Sam begins the play by never showing us how he does it, but with awkward wallflower body language and his back to the audience, he fashions an actual tinfoil dinosaur.

He then proceeds through a very genuine monologue about how his social anxiety and day-to-day failures made him the person he is today.

Poking fun at the foibles of modern life, Sam begins his story with a hilarious anecdote about his drama studies at the University of Victoria and a horrendous casting choice his professor bestowed upon him. Sam takes you through over a year of his new life through the eyes of a somewhat naïve young man musing about his heartbreaking yet side splitting attempts at finding a job and an apartment in a big new city. Continue reading “Toronto FRINGE Review :: Tinfoil Dinosaur :: Funny and Wonderfully Gratifying”