Grammy News :: 55th Annual Grammys – Biggest Award Night For Music!

by Shannonn Kelly
6:55AM, EST, Saturday February 09,2013

The 55th Annual Grammy Award® Ceremony on CBS
The 55th Annual Grammy Award® Ceremony on CBS

Whether its Pop, Rock or Hip-Hop, music plays a big place in people’s lives. It’s what gets us up in the morning and often what gets us through the day.

The Annual Grammy Awards® is music’s biggest night and the 55th installment is sure to provide a ton of entertainment with performances by Alicia Keys And Maroon 5, Frank Ocean, Miranda Lambert, The Lumineers, Carrie Underwood and Jack White to name a few.

While last year’s Grammy’s were marred after Whitney Houston died getting ready for the big Clive Davis after-party, no one can deny the Grammy’s are a very big deal for the industry, where a golden trophy can turn all those years of playing in dark and desolate clubs into a game changer literally over night.

I see a LOT of live music. After film, I would say music is my next big interest which spans across all genres – – Yes – – even Country.

I’d have to say my favorite concert from this past year was seeing Goyte. I saw him in the summer and 6 months later, I’m still reminiscing about that concert.

Who’s your favorite musical artist of this time or any other? Will you be watching the Grammys?

The Live Grammy Ceremony will be telecast Live Sunday, February 10 at 8PM, EST on your local CBS station.
Below is the COMPLETE List of the 81 categories of Grammy Nominees for 2013.

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Steven Tyler Reps Sue American Idol for $8 Million

by Shannonn Kelly
06:49AM, EST, October 13, 2012

Will Steven Tyler be ‘Victorious’ in his Reps $8M Lawsuit with American Idol…?

Back when Steven Tyler was announced as a judge on American Idol, I was curious. I am a fairly avid fan of AI, but knew very little about Tyler .

Not a super big hair-band fan, I’m only really familiar with three songs of Tyler and his band Aerosmith – – “Love In An Elevator“, the very, good, very dark “Janie’s Got A Gun” and the super fun “Walk This Way” with Run DMC.

In the late 90’s I had been to their Mama Kin Music Hall in Boston a few times after baseball games at Fenway Park. I’ll always remember that’s where I discovered SKA and in particular a great band called, New York Ska Jazz Ensemble.

Tyler’s stint on Idol showed a sensitive, wacky side to him I never knew. He was especially tender to vocalists with touching stories and seemed very accessible. He was the ultimate cheerleader. In the young contestants often he said he could see himself when he started in the industry; so in turn, gave them solid advice in hopes contestants could rise to their potential. Continue reading “Steven Tyler Reps Sue American Idol for $8 Million”