Holy Cowl Neck – Ben Affleck Confirmed as the New Batman

by Shannonn Kelly
06:41AM, EST, August 23, 2013

Academy Award Winning Actor/Director Ben Affleck Confirmed to Play Batman
Academy Award Winning Actor/Director Ben Affleck Confirmed to Play Batman

It’s not the best news to the ears of Batman fans. But you know we’re all going to rush to the box office to see it. Academy Award® winner Ben Affleck has been cast as the new Batman in the “Man of Steel” sequel, according to a statement released by Warner Bros. just after last month’s San Diego Comic-Con International.

The announcement follows weeks of speculation about who would don the Dark Knight’s cape in the Batman-Superman film currently titled “Batman vs. Superman“.

Greg Silverman, Warner Bros. President of Creative Development:

We knew we needed an extraordinary actor to take on one of DC Comics’ most enduringly popular superheroes, and Ben Affleck certainly fits that bill. His outstanding career is a testament to his talent and we know he and Zack will bring new dimension to the duality of this character.

Screenwriter and story creator David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Dark City, The Crow: City of Angels) will pen the sequel and shooting is scheduled to start in 2014 with Zack Snyder  ( Man of Steel, Sucker Punch, Watchmen, 300) returning to direct the sequel.

I’d love to know what you think? Will this be another George Clooney with ‘Nipples’ fiasco, or will it stand up to Christian Bale or the almighty Michael Keaton…? When the casting news hit social media, the negative outcry against Ben Affleck was hard to ignore on Twitter. Below is a sampling 🙂

Chase Mitchell @ChaseMit

In the Ben Affleck version, Batman’s parents kill themselves.

Eliza Bayne @ElizaBayne

In the new Ben Affleck version, the Batmobile is just a beige Prius

SmokeEater @SmokeEater1978

Ben Affleck is the new . What jackass made that call?

Peter Stark @StarksWeek

Ben Affleck is the Sharknado of action heroes

Shae Connor @shaeconnor

Jesus. I leave Twitter for, like, a minute, and you guys let Ben Affleck get cast as Batman?

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