Five Producers Jailed For Multi Million Dollar Movie Scam

by Shannonn Kelly
11:04AM, EST, March 26, 2013

Apparently portions of a “fake movie” made in 2011 in the UK whereby “producers” told investors they had signed up A-list Hollywood and UK actors was a complete fraud. Parties involved were sentenced yesterday in England.

"A Landscape of Lies" really was a Landscape of Lies to defraud the British Government
“A Landscape of Lies” really was a Landscape of Lies to defraud the British Government of VAT Tax Dollars

Andrea McLean, 43, TV presenter and the star of the UK’s “Loose Women”, was tricked into starring as a bisexual therapist in a low-budget film as part of an elaborate scheme for tax breaks. McLean was cast alongside former EastEnders actor Marc Bannerman for a movie called  “A Landscape Of Lies“.

Aoife Madden, 31, an Irish actress-turned-teacher worked with 4 other male producers lying to get support for their £20 million gangster film in order to claim fraudulent VAT tax breaks and reap the benefits.

Madden said Irish actress Sinead Cusack was a close relative of hers and between the two of them, they’d be able to persuade Cusack’s husband Jeremy Irons to also star in the film.

According to the the

Inspectors were told A-listers from Hollywood and McLean would be starring in a £19.6 million production that would be shot in the UK.

However, the film, Landscape Of Lies, was never made and the only footage shot was seven minutes of “completely un-usable quality” filmed in a flat and costing just £5000.

McLean, a former presenter of the weather on GMTV and guest panellist on Loose Women, was duped into signing up for the role of a bisexual therapist called Dr Audrey Grey.

Bashar al Issa, 34, a former Iraqi national who is now British, of London, described as the orchestrator of the fraud, was jailed for six-and-a-half years at Southwark Crown Court.”


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